Does Rhinoplasty Last For A Lifetime?



I know that one of the most common questions or concerns whenever someone is interested in getting a nose job is how long does it last. I can’t blame anyone for asking this question because the last thing we want is having to have another costly operation done again several years down the road…who wants that.

Apparently, in theoretical terms, plastic surgeons have presumed that Rhinoplasty is meant to last for the entire of your life, but in real terms is that really the case? This two-hour surgical operation is one of the complex undertakings which have evolved over time. Nowadays you will find out that most doctors concentrate in maintenance of the nose’s system functioning and its framework rather than tissue removal as it was in the past. In the earlier operations, this nose job was prone to adverse effect where for instance the nose could collapse or sag after a given period of time. This was mainly attributed by the weakening or alteration of the underlying tissue structures that were meant to provide support.


How will your nose be responding after undergoing this surgical procedure? You will realize that at the initial year, your notice will be undergoing some transformation and adjustments. With time, the swollen areas will heal leaving a permanent muscle contraction. You will experience total recovery and full modification between 3 to 4 years. After four years have elapsed, you will have obtained that appealing and attractive outlook which is meant to stay for a lifetime.


The change you are bound to experience is irreversible thus as you age, just like any other part of your face, your nose will also display such aging effects. You will observe that by then, despite the effect of drooping and the hump protruding, your nose will be in a better position than that which had not been operated on. Other general changes that may also affect the operated nose include:

  1. Enlargement of the pores,
  2. Skin within the nose area may be flawed,
  3. Increment of blood vessels at the edge of the nose and
  4. There could be some insignificant extension of the nose tip.


Suppose you experience problem after the procedure, how are you supposed to handle it? For instance, your nose may fall down suddenly, twisted or act abnormally. In this case, you may be prompted to undertake immediate second plastic surgery to correct the situation.


Concurrently, we all are aware that as the nose is subject to dynamic effect of aging, this procedure will not only minimize aging but also tackle changes related to it. If your still unsure, you can set up a consultation at


Is Teen Plastic Surgery Rising?

Teen Plastic Surgery


Is Teen Plastic Surgery Rising?

Plastic surgery is not commonly associated with kids, but recent years have seen a rise in the number of teenagers opting for cosmetic operations that were once exclusive to adults. Sometimes the reason kids undergo plastic surgery is entirely understandable, such as when a child is injured in an accident, but other times the question becomes more complex when the purpose of the surgery becomes purely cosmetic. So what kind of operations are appropriate for the young, and how do you decide whether it can wait until adulthood

Below are the most common cosmetic procedures for those under 18.


Rhinoplasty involves any reshaping of the nose. The most common rhinoplasty is the dorsal bone reduction, the straightening out of bumps on the nose. Though some people reshape the nose in other ways, such as reducing nostril width, most other procedures should wait until the child is over the age of 18 because of safety concerns. Many surgeons won’t perform any rhinoplasty until a teen is at least 16.


This procedure involves pinning back extended ears, sometimes referred to as “dumbo” ears. And because this surgery is considered very safe and simple, children as young as 5 have been known to get it. Like rhinoplasty, it’s one of the most common cosmetic surgeries for youngsters and is fairly controversy-free.

Scar Revision Surgery 

Though no scar can be eliminated completely, scar revision surgery can make them much less noticeable. In teenagers with severe acne, scarring can occur both by depressing the skin and thickening raised tissue. Because some of this scarring can become quite unsightly, scar revision surgery remains a viable option for teenagers who wish to reduce the damage caused by severe acne.

Breast Asymmetry Correction 

This surgery is meant to correct asymmetry in breast size, such as if one breast is larger than the other. The operation involves either reducing the size of one breast or enlarging the other. It’s important to note that this is not breast enhancement, as you must be at least 18 years of age for most kinds of breast augmentation. However, in certain cases where there is a noticeable disproportionality in breast size, it can be a completely legitimate procedure to get.


Gynecomastia is a fairly common procedure for overweight teenage boys that involves reducing overly large male breasts. The enlargement of the male breast occurs due to abnormally large mammary glands in male teens. Though obesity exacerbates the problem, gynecomastia can occur in average size teens as well though it is usually less severe.


Making that final decision to get cosmetic surgery for an adolescent is a complex issue and before jumping to a conclusion one should always consult with a surgeon. But most importantly, the boy or girl receiving the surgery needs to be mature and knowledgeable about the subject. Plastic surgery isn’t something to rush into – it should be carefully weighed by the parent, surgeon and teenager together so that the final decision is an informed decision.

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